HELP: Zoom features


Can someone please teach me how to use the zoom feature?


@_hxxd could help I’m sure!!! :grin:


Thank you so much!!


Your welcome


sure, what do you need help with exactly?


if you want to use dialogue or animation while zooming then you use
&zoom ; if you want to just zoom without animation it’s @zoom


When testing your story, click/tap on Directing Helper, then tap on Zoom Helper. Pinch your fingers together (or click and hold if you’re using the web previewer) on the screen to zoom in or out. Tap on Switch Tool on the left to focus (move the zoom around) or to zoom (in or out). Use the code on the left and add that to your script.

@zoom on x y to % in 0

“in 0” is time in seconds. If you want to zoom into something, change the 0 to any number.


Just help on basic zooming ! Because I honestly have no idea on how to zoom haha


Thank you so much!


to zoom you will need to use the zoom helper, and it gets the code for you to wherever you need to zoom on, and you just copy it into your script.


I’ll make sure to do that, thank you for your time!


I shall do that for sure, thank you!