Helpers & Appreciated Awards 2020

Hey, there!

We have some exciting news to share!
After all the doom and gloom in the episode community at the moment, how about we shed a little light an excitement for everyone instead!
@epy_helpers.small_authors & @epiappreciated (both, Instagram pages) have joined forces to host one BIG awards contest!

Helpers&Appreciated Awards 2020 if you don’t have an Instagram account, or check @ha.awards on Instagram for more info.

This is for ALL authors and ALL editors, no matter how big or small!!

We’ll have so many categories for you to enter your stories into the contest!
Voting period starts on Dec 1st, so make sure to tell your friends to nominate their stories too!
The submissions will last for 2 months and end January 31st 2020.

After that time, we will collect all entries into the contest, and we will allow you to vote all of your favourites!

The top 10 from each category, will then be reviewed FAIRLY, by our members in both our groups.

We will have 3 winners from each category, with some amazing prizes to be won!!

What are the Awards?

@epy_helpers.small_authors and @epiappreciated have come together to create one giant Award comeptition to ALL authors across the Episode community and platform, no matter what genre or style.

Who can enter the Awards?

There are no age limits or restrictions.
It doesn’t matter if you’re a new author/editor/page/user or an old one.
For stories, there will be:
*Small Stories - Under 200K reads
*Medium Stories - 200K-600K reads
*Big Stories - Over 600K reads
for any style: Classic, Ink and Limelight.

Does my story needs to be in Limelight?

Not at all.
Within each category, we will split stories between Ink, Limelight AND Classic… Yep, you read it right. Classic will be a submission entry too.
There will be a winner fir each story type, per ‘reads’, per ‘category’.
That means 9 winners per Category.

Will there be prizes?

What’s an Awards competition without prizes.
Every entry to the awards will be shared on the awards page, promoting your story and your submission.
The winners from each category will all win a shoutout on all 3 pages (Awards Page and both creators of the Awards pages) and will have the link of their stories shared. The overall winners will win prizes given by members of our groups, such as art prizes, etc.

When do I enter or vote?

All forms to enter are avalaible starting with December 1st.
You will have 2 months to enter your story submission (you can’t nominate your own story/stories), then we share the list of all submissions and ask to the community to vote for their Top10 in each categories. We will then review the Top10 stories from the categories and pick the Top3 winners based on your votes.

How many nominations do I need?

Small Authors - Under 200K reads : 3 nominations
Medium Authors - 200K-600K reads : 5 nominations
Big Authors - Over 600K reads : 7 nominations
Editors : 3 nominations
Pages/Users : 5 nominations

The nominations and votes are avalaible only through @ha.awards link on Instagram
For each category there must be at least 5 eligible submissions to can be available for the Awards.

Make sure to follow @ha.awards on Instagram or check here for updates; share the excitement and spread the word!!






Don’t forget to nominate your favorites! :hugs:
There is a category for most supportive user on forums, so…
Let’s see who deserves to win this category.

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