Helpful Resources for Writers

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So, I’ve seen a lot of posts about poor grammar, spelling etc. So I thought it would be nice if we started a thread of resources. Places to find overlays, backgrounds that are royalty free and any other web resources you think could help.

Here are a few off the top of my head: – The free version is sufficient to catch most spelling and grammar errors. While some words (i.e. spanish, french, etc) could be counted as spelling errors you can click the word and add to your dictionary so that it stops marking it wrong. Regardless, it’s a great resource to catch most spelling, punctuation and grammar errors. – Tired of using the same word over and over? This thesaurus and word tool website is a great resource. It also has a translator ( I would check with a native speaker to be sure that it is accurate – not all online translation sites give you the spoken version of a language.)

700+ Creative Writing Prompts To Inspire You Right Now – a cool place to visit if you want to write a story but don’t quite know what you want to write-- reading through some of these may spark something. :smiley: Reedsy also has other writing resources (like character developments etc) Check them out :smiley:

As far as backgrounds and overlays go : DO NOT GOOGLE! Unless you use the tool for copyright free materials, you are probably using something that is copyrighted – even if they aren’t watermarked. These are some reliably royalty free websites: (be sure to mark the CCO filter to ensure you are using a public domain image. I have not done extensive searching here but if you specify your search (as I did with the word room) you should find some usable images.

For overlays: (use common sense – if it has a company name on it, you shouldn’t try to use it because the logo is copyright material.) Otherwise, a great place to find overlays that already have a transparent background and are in .png format (bonus that it tells you the size of the file when you click the image. )

So, Episode Community Members: What resources do you use that you would recommend to new (and old) writers here? Completely free photo manipulation software (similar to Photoshop) – an add on that I use is G’MIC plugin (can be found online just google it)


OH! Almost forgot:

GIMP. Gimp is a free photo manipulation software that you can download and use. I’ve run it on an older computer, sometimes it does run a little slow BUT I use it to make overlays from backgrounds. It takes a little time and patience to read through the guide (online on the website) and to get used to the controls-- but once you are comfortable using them, it’s a snap to make your own overlay.
(In fact, if you watch Joseph Evans youtube channel, the program he uses in the overlay/background video is Gimp. )
Tip: Click the Layers button and click Transparency dropdown menu and click Add Alpha Channel to your images (it will add a underlying transparent background so that when you cut out or erase around an object to create an overlay it will have the transparency you need to make it usable. When you’ve finished creating the overlay, make sure you click “Export As” if you are working with a jpeg file and change the .jpg (or .jpeg) to .png

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