Helpful sites for writers

Recently, I discovered these websites that can help a lot with writing. You might want to give your story description a different style or write a dialogue that looks more realistic or sophisticated.

Writing prompts when experiencing writer's block

For creating overlays

it removes the background of an image you want to turn into transparent png.

Re-phrasing websites

All of these are free.


It’s an extension for Chrome. Called Grammarly. There’s a premium version but the free one is really helpful as well.
You can use the website too, it will scan anything you write and correct you if you have any grammar mistakes and will give you feedback on the sentence you are writing. When writing in the portal it doesn’t work automatically. You’ll have to copy and paste the script and check it on the website.


Backgrounds and overlays

Canva. Free and Premium version.


Episode Life


Script help and templates

Dara Amarie

If anyone has any other websites feel free to comment below and I will add them in.


@Sydney_H which category do you think this belongs to?

Episode Fan Community should be the best for this helpful info :smiley:


Alright, thanks for responding.

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My favourite site for getting backgrounds is canva, its a photo editing website with millions of free royalty free images and icons. I usually make my backgrounds for my stories on there because I can set it to the exact measurement needed so when i upload it to episode i dont need to do any cropping or resizing. I also used it to do my story cover (along with photoshop) and also my episode-instagram posts.


Thanks. I’m writing a story so this will help.

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For backgrounds and overlay I would add episode life :grin: it gives tips and templates too


I already use Grammarly! It’s really helpful! Also, I might try this websites out! Bookmarked! :bookmark:

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I love Canava too! I’ve modified so much from there

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There is also a website made by @Dara.Amarie that is especially made for templates and guides, it’s very helpful, you will find the link to her website if you check her profile :smile:

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I’ve never thought of this. Quick question though, lets say you’re looking for a specific background, would it be easy to search for it the way it would be for sites like Pixabay? I’d really like to see what I can modify from Canva because I have seen things that I could use but never thought of using them.