Helpful to some but not all, why is this?

I understand some people have been on the forums for a long time, but I am curious why some requests get answered/responses, and others get ignored… I find it extremely frustrating, I’ve been writing for Episode for a couple of years now, and have been on the forums for a while as well but it’s very discouraging to find people helpful to a majority of users and not everyone.


Usually it’s because people didn’t request right, or the people taking requests aren’t avaliable

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so how do you request a story review? I looked at others prior and it does seem like mine request is done much different, even if the story didn’t seem interesting to people a simple, “I don’t like your story, or the title, or the description, so no I won’t give it a chance.” would suffice but seeing posts after mine, they even seem to be lacking in information on the story seem to garner responses.
Thank you for responding for a minute I thought people had me on ignore or something. LOL

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I mean this can happen for many reasons… Not having time, not knowing the answer, the answer has been repeated multiple times by multiple people etc

Most people are willing to help you but it depends on their time and history with certain people.

And for requests it can get lost, things are formatted incorrectly or if they have had a bad experience with you because of spamming or rude attitude. Not saying that this is the reason but it might be a factor. :woman_shrugging:


Well!! sometimes I ignore the reqesting topics bcz I don’t know the answers for myself.
other then it whenever I feel like … YES I can help or whatever then I offer my help usually.

It can happen for lots of reasons tho,
For some they don’t have time or anything.
they have personal lifes too out of Episode and forums.


I’ve only had one run in on the forums, and I called a person out for calling me stupid pretty much, or talking to me like I was stupid, but it was cleared up pretty quickly and I am almost postive that I apoliogized.
This wasn’t a matter of asking a question that needed an answer, I made a thread requesting a review of my 3 newest stories.

So from my experience with helping people it could be due to the following:

  • Time. Sometimes people come onto the forums for a little bit and answer what they can, but we wont stay on here hours helping absolutely everyone because we have our own personal lives too. We love helping. But we are only human.

  • Not knowing how to help. Just because we seem to be able to help the majority of people, it doesnt mean we know everything, though we wish we did.

  • Not understanding your question. Or seeing that someone else is currently writing a response to your question so we tend to sometimes let other people handle things :woman_shrugging:t3:

  • Personally for me, if something is worded in a certain way that I find either blunt, rude or demanding I wont answer it. So for example if someone is like “I need this and this and it HAS to be like this” being super demanding with no manners or a simple please and thank you, just treating us like we’re a service, that is a sure way of disinteresting me very quickly and actually sometimes I call that kind of rudeness out. Not saying thats anything you’ve done or will do, that’s just one of the things I will click off of very quickly.

  • Sometimes threads get lost :woman_shrugging:t3:

In regards to a review of your stories, I know it can be frustrating but it might be that some people just dont connect with your story idea and it’s not necessarily upto them to give you a reason as to why, I think you just need to remember that people are allowed to choose, and it sucks if someone doesn’t want to help you out, truly, I know it can be frustrating, but again it’s also down to time and people wanting to choose what they use their time on. Whether that is someone elses story they’ve connected with more than yours, who knows.

I hope you can find someone to help you though.


A little off topic, but do you happen to know how to delete a profile on this forum?

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so I try to be helpfull here on the forum, so reasons I might not help can be

1 I just dont feel like it, sometimes I just dont have engergy to help people, so I dont.

  1. what they ask is really stupid and I just dont know how to help in a nice way, like seriysly when people ask why cant my charatere go behind an objects on this picture. that is to stupid a qustions to I can be able to be nice. so I do not post because there is no reason for me to be rude to someone,

3, they are asking for free art. often on a story they just started

4, they ask for help but give zero details, like I need a background, but dont say what kind of background, my code is wrong. but dosent show what the code or error is

how am I suppouse to help when you dont give any details. do you expect me to guess what is wrong? that you just writhing help give me the ability to see what is wrong. that the problem cant be 500 diffrent once.


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Not sure, maybe contact Sydney or something and ask?

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