Helpful youtube chanels for episode writers!

I got this idea from @MiyakoMiyu on her thread! Credits to her!

✨ Writer-Friendly Websites 2021 ✨ || W/ Links!

Helpful Youtube Chanels for episode writers:

Coding tutorials:

Joseph Evans

Episode Notes

Episode TV

Dara Amarie

Mary D Sava

JemU776 Helps

Episode EllyYT

Alana Frazer

Episode Writers:


Amanda Traver

Alissa Jayden

Noella Mei

Ella D

Sylvia Eve

Tuesday Cross


Jen Creates

Please let me know if there are any mistakes or if there is anyone I missed!


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Thank you for the tag :blush:, I’ve bookmarked (:

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I’ve created a youtube channel for Episode templates. Feel free to add to the list.

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Here is Dara Amarie channel as well for Episode tutorials:

@JemU776 as well, here’s her channel with awesome customization templates and more.

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Oh wow, thank you so much, I actually thought of deleting my YouTube videos because it feels like I’m not helping anyone on that platform and my aim is to help others, guess I’ll keep it up for a little longer if you think it’s awesome :yay:




bookmarking!!! i will def be using this!!! :blob_hearts:

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I notice you don’t have any art channels mentioned, you may add mine if you’d like, here’s my channels link:

I post Episode related art tutorials/speed paints/edits once a month and I also have a walk through editing/drawing school coming soon🙂

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You can add my channel too, if you want. It’s just one month old, helpful videos in progress. Coming soon.

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This was a really good idea! Bookmarked!

I also have a Youtube channel for Episode, you can add it if you want.

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thank you!! I’m definitely check these out :two_hearts:

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