Helpieme’s art thread


Hello and welcome to my art threads, I do art scenes, covers, splashes, and so on.

For me to do your character in the thing you want can you put a picture of the character in the animation as there was a new update so that you could use all the animations.

I will not tolerate people being rude because if you do I’ll either purposely make you wait longer or just not do it.

It will take normally from 5 mins if it’s an easy task to 1 day depending on how challenging it is if you want examples reply under this post and I will send some to you.


Hi anu do me a special art scene for me


Can I see examples ?


I can send me the details :two_hearts::two_hearts:



There are some of the examples


I just want these too for the special art scene


Ok can you send the character details and the animation you want , background and what they’re doing




These are lovely. I want some splashes… I have to get my character details first so that might take me long…


Ok take as long as you want I will make them for you :two_hearts::two_hearts:


Thanks ! I got them. Its limelight character boy and text is “Special thanks to Secretz_lol for coding the story!”



This is te girls


Lol that must be tiring !


The boy

Skintone: Olive

Hair:cropped black

Eyes:stoic almond brown

Brows:thick tapered

Face: defined triangle

Nose: button

Lips: small round






OK what do you want them doing


No rush just purely out of curiosity how long can I except it to be ready in ? And how would you like to be credited for your work.


It will take 20 mins at the most and you can credit me as Meteora Knightly as that’s my episode name


What’s the outfit though