Helpieme’s art thread


Okay. Consider it done and you can choose the outfit yourself if that’s not too much…


OK badass


Lol thanks again !


Hi, please may I request some art as my cover story?
The girl is
honey skin
seductive arch brow
diva curls in black
round bold eyes in light blue
oval face
upturned nose
full round lips in bordeaux

the boy is
honey skin
thick arch athletic brows
unstyled faux hawk in black
classic round eyes in light blue
chiseled triangle face
button nose
smirk in terracotta

i would like them to be kissing, preferably secretly with two parents (can be any design i don’t mind as they’re not in the story) not watching them but in the frame. The story is about two lovers who’re not allowed to be in love with each other because they’re from different wealth classes but meet secretly. Thank uu xx missA