Helping a friend who hates their story

So, one of my friends is currently writing a story (not published yet) and has built up quite a big following. She has commissioned a few art scenes from quite a big artist but she hates the story she is writing. We’ve been friends for a few months and once before deleted her whole script because she didn’t like it. She started writing again but still hates it. I’m trying to be there for her and saying that she is her own enemy by giving herself criticism and not everyone will think that the story is shit. She keeps saying how so many authors write amazing first stories and then I keep saying not all big authors have amazing first stories and it takes time to gather how authors like to write. How can I be supportive if she keeps ignoring me?


What you can try do, is get her to talk to other small authors about their experience because honestly i have had them unmotivated moments but the best you can do is just be there for her and keep telling her that good things come when you are patient, she will learn to love her story but she hasn’t given anyone else a chance to love it. After all it is her story so she can do as she wants but as your her good friend you are obviously supporting her which is the best you can possible do… :heartpulse: But this is all just MY opinion…


The thing is, I’ve been in her shoes. My story has only been out for a month and when I published, I was feeling down about my story too. I only published it to get people feedback and reviews but lots of people seemed to love it, so I began to love it again. I think she is scared that because she has a large following without it being published and she has put more pressure on herself to get everything right at first.


I get you, i get you, tbh i didn’t have a large following before hand so it was easier for me because i had quite a few reads in a short amount of time - 39 reads in 3 days which isn’t bad whatsoever, I think she should at least go through with the first three episodes and see how she feels about it, because she can gain so many more new followers. Being an author comes from trial and error so if something goes wrong tell her don’t stress just take a break and fix it because in the long run she will be very proud of herself :heartpulse:


Honestly I did the same writing them then removing them and felling that the story is useless but all she needs to do is get inspired that’s when she will love her story this is just my point of view


I did feel the same way how your friend feels and deleted my first story because I think it was a cringe and no one did supported me, I think everyone hates my story, I even wished I’d stop writing

So I started my second story, but got no support and I keep telling myself To stop caring what others think, so I went to a support thread to continued to write, and there’s an amazing person encourage me to continue writing

She said to me

The thing about writing is it’s something you need to enjoy doing-enjoy writing. You need to have fun while doing it. For example, for me, I’ve been writing since I was 7-8 and even now, I’ve never really been noticed. But I do it because there’s people that I know who do enjoy (actually, even if there wasn’t any fans, I’d just keep on writing for me, it’s like I’m giving myself a cool birthday present.)

Anyways, your readers have total faith in you even if you don’t have faith in yourself. And actually, you should have faith in yourself, and keep going at it. It’s important to love your creations. You should never give up, and keep on writing, no matter what the outcome. At the end of the day, you have a cool story to read over (like I said, birthday gift). If you just want your story to only be featured, that’s no good, you need to be passionate about it, you need to try to love it.

#of reads or even # of attention doesn’t ever equal a bad writer. If you want to be a good writer, you need to enjoy writing and be confident in your story, even if no one has mentioned it yet. Never think there is anything wrong with your writing or that it is bad. If you’re feeling even the slightest bit doubtful, getting someone to review your story would help tons :nerd_face:

Just remember that all writers start at the beginning but because they don’t give up, they end up rising up. Sometimes even I feel like giving up but then I remind myself why give up when there’s only one person I’m writing for and only one person I need to please? Myself. Good luck, I have faith you can do it <3


She encourage someone

Aw, it’s sad to hear you feel that way :cry: My advice: It doesn’t matter if everything you write goes to “waste” (not many people read it). At the end of they day you write for yourself and you do it because you love it. Even if a lot of people don’t read it, you’ll feel proud of yourself for working hard and you keep at it. Also, be more positive about your work. Don’t give up, great things take time to come. Maybe your effort will pay off but even if it doesn’t pay off right away, you need to tell yourself that you have to keep writing anyway because you love it, you breathe it, and you need to do it. You need to enjoy your stories, they’re your creations from your wicked awesome mind. Remember, no matter what happens, work hard but have fun with your stories. Your fanbase-even if it’s small-will appreciate it, heck I appreciate and admire authors who have little reads, aren’t popular but work really hard on their stories because writing is their passion and they get to make their creations come alive. Be more positive. Also I discourage people from checking their reads every minute, this will lead to constant frustration and feelings that you’re a shitty writer even though you’re not. You’re just undiscovered. And soon your time to shine will come. When it does, I’ll be clapping for you, mon amie :sunglasses:

P.S Every one starts at the bottom and there’s only one way to go: up :sunflower:

No for real, you can’t get a minus number of reads, it’s not possible XD