Helping A Friends Book Club

This is my friends book club, she just made it and still waiting for others to join. So if yall is interested and ever see her club pops up on yours, then please join. Her club is really active on both the chat and challenge, you won’t regret it :wink: Btw who else have this cool snowy update like my friend? It looks so cute and I’m jelly :joy:

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unfortently people can only join if it show on their suggested list, which do suck, I have friends I rather wanna be in group with then these strangers

Okay I am actually happy with the group I am in now their kind, and good at reading.


Lol i know about that, i just posted it because my friend is really sad and was looking forward to it. So im trying to help her as much as i can, even if this somewhat helps. It was so hard for her to find my club, so she decided to make her own. It will be dope if episode came out with this search bar or whatever you want to call it, so that we can find a book club we want.

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