Helping Group Applications <3

I’m holding a group on Instagram and Forums (you don’t have to have Instagram to join us)

What jobs are available?

• Reviewers - Stories only not art/edits<3
• Editors/Author Shoutouts

|Editors Jobs|
{please only choose 1 job}
• Profile Pictures/Character Edit maker
• Splash/Intro Creators
• Background/Overlays Creators

This time creating an art group I’m going to be organized


• No stealing/editing/using/etc other’s work.
• No harassment/bullying others or me.
• Be respectful and responsible.
• You must be active 3 times a week at the most. (Check in with me if you’re taking a break)
• You can only take 2 requests at a time since I don’t want to overwhelm you.
• You’re allowed to curse just not name-calling others them. {If anyone has anyone problem with cussing or being around it please pm me as soon as you’re accepted in}
• Please no drama/fighting
• Only I will be having access to the art account on Instagram due to my email is used :slight_smile:
You will get 3 strikes then you’re out of the group :woman_shrugging: Sorry.

For Roles of…


• Please send a picture or video of what you’re explaining. For example, if directing then send a short example of the script and the way to it like “@Character starts…” or video record it with the character saying it. If you can’t explain it in the video send a brief paragraph so it can be in the caption.

For editing tutorial, it’s best to send screenshots of the process or the process video. Please send a type out version of the process with this so it can be put in the caption. Also add what you would want to be credited as. Also include what app did you use too.

Editors {All}

You can only take upto 2 requests and please try at least two weeks most with each one. If you can’t meet it that’s perfectly fine just message me and I’ll help you out :blush:


Take a screenshot of their profile, write a compliment out then send it to me and I’ll post it but they must filled out the forms when have correctly.


You cannot just say “Your story is amazing!” Or “your story isn’t my type”

Please include details of what they could work on and at least 3 things you liked both their story.

Try your best to give constructive feedback and if the writing/grammar/spelling is unreadable then message me.

Posts Schedule:

Sundays would be day off for everyone
Mondays - Story Reviews
Tuesdays - Shoutouts (Both Authors and Editors)
Wednesdays is a day off also
Thursday - Tutorials
Friday - Edit Requests/Edits you did on our own time if no requests are finished or empty.
Saturday - Check up and plan out

Before PMing questions please check out these below and if it’s not answered, then feel free to ask me.


Everyone will be credited for their work. Our account will not do F4Fs and only follow them members and EA creditors.

I will set up a website for a page with our links and possibly all of our editors own Instagram page if you have one.

We will communicate on the forums but if we can find anything else we’ll see. If you can get discord that’d be awesome.

I’ll make post cards with your Episode Avatar on the cover and your username on the corner also with job role.

Application Forms

Also I’ll possibly have a co-leaders.

Also not everyone will be able to join btw…

Also I haven’t chosen a name but feel free to suggest some ideas :upside_down_face:

If you have any more roles idea you’d like to add in comment below, like outfit creators are a maybe.

Thank you :blush:


Filled out the form Les :heartpulse:

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Thank you :heart:

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I filled the form :slight_smile:

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I filled out the form :blue_heart:

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I filled out the form Les! :crazy_face: hoping I get in

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@Mya.writes @BlueWithEnvy @Amiraa @appleqrl thank y’all :heart:


Thank you :heart:

Bump :new_moon_with_face:

Profile Pictures/Edits - @CrazygirldY_dY_dY , @EpisodeGamer1, @TyLo

Art Scene/Cover - @xetic {still open}

Tutorials - @Dayaepy and I :kissing: @Em546 - both -

Shoutouts - 0

Reviews- 0

Splash/Background/Overlays - @mya.writes {still open}

Position were based on examples.

For those who weren’t @

Sorry if you didn’t get a part <3 I can delete your form and you can applied for something else :cupid:

Especially for profile picture/edits there was alot people applying for the job :pensive: I can’t choose everyone because that’s stressed put on to with getting everything organized of who do what.



thank YOUU LEs

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NP :cupid: Thank you for applying and I’m making a chat as soon as I can get a bit more people

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:joy: ofc wouldn’t miss it for the world! And yayyYYY

Tags then:
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Yasss thank you bby :heart: Filling in a application now


Oh my God, yay! I’m really excited for this. (It’s the first group I’ve joined in a while)


I filled mine in!! If the pfp and character edit one is taken. I can do the covers one. But yeah :joy::heart:

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:heart: we are happy to have you! Tysm for joining again :heart:

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Thank you! :cupid:

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Filled out a Form, really hope I can get in :two_hearts:


Np i cant wait to see who got accepted !! :heart:

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