Helping hand group

Hi guys, just want to make a little helping hand group together!

Things we will do:
Help others
Have meetings
Help episode forum grow!

There will be a limited space, so please message now!

How to get in!
Message your username and 3 reasons your good at episode and wait for an answer!


Are you still taking people?

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Need help .My name is leshell nice meet you.

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Nice to meet you too

I was just wondering if they were still taking people to be in the group but another group accepted me


That good

How long you bent in group. I need me group help with my story.

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I just got accepted but I have experience with writing stories

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That good every body need help .

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Okay just tell me what you need

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Need help on good story IDEA no body does help me with. Just want writing best story. People don’t understand have learn disability I was born with all my life can’t help if write different. And try my best.

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Can with good ideas on good story.

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Okay I’ll be happy to help you!

Thank you .can like romantic drama.i am do story a story about me .

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Can we do popular story good ideas

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Yeah what is the story’s genre?
And what ideas do you have in mind for it?

Yes that be good ideas

How romantic.

sure so it is going to be about your life right?

Yes I just feel all along I feel lose in world people don’t understand Me how I feel some time. My feel are hurt write now some on episode just hurt my feelings. Keep tell me I write different. That person got me cry

Okay, so you want to write about your feelings and how many people don’t understand what it’s like to be you correct?

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