Hi Episode lovers! Helping Hands is a group that would help new authors and to make new friends along the way. There are a few requirements, but they’re easy!


It’s easy to be removed or demoted, and you MUST be active.

TO=Trusted Officer. A TO is an officer who has been around for at least 4 months in the group, and active at least 7 hours a week.

You must be active for at least twice a week as a normal member.

There are four different TO:

Official Overseer

Head Of Department

Social Affairs

Training Specialists.

An Official Overseer Oversees all affairs of TO and all types of members. They are the only TO with the power to kick people from Helping Hands, and the ONLY TO to be able to promote current TO. Any other TO or member trying to do so could be punished by suspension or ban. Official Overseers must be active six times a week, with at least 3 hours a day.

Training Specialists train normal members and VIP members. They get them ready for interviews and their job. Training can last from up to one day, to 7. It depends on how your trainer works.

A social worker deals with most social affair, like recruiting trainees and answering questions people have about the group. They must be active five times a week, with at least 2 hours each day.

Head Of Department would be Head of your speciality. Ex: Head of the Art Department, Head of Editing Department, etc. They help out members with issues and create guidelines for their Department. There are monthly inspections of Departments, so make sure it runs smoothly!

As well as TO, there are VIP members. VIP members have been around for 3 months, and been active at least 3 hours a week. They have special privileges that normal members do not have.

Normal members have just joined, and are not looked down upon. Anyone caught degrading newcomers will be suspended. Normal members do not have to serve any time to join. At least be active 30 minutes a week.

There are Helping Hands meetings with all members every month. These meetings are mandatory, unless you speak with me or another TO about why you can’t make it. Acceptable excuses are school, work, or other pressed obligations. Your life comes first! TO meetings are held every 2 weeks.

Ask for a Google Form in your reply. Leave your email in your reply, and social media accounts. I will not contact you through social media.

There are five spots per TO position. After a term of two months, TO must be interviewed again for the position. Failure to interview will result in being a VIP member with more privileges than normal VIPs.

There is a waiting lists for positions. If you didn’t get the position you wanted when you interviewed, you can dm me on the Forums to be put on the waiting list. After two months, you will have an increased chance of being selected for a new position.


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