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Hey you:)
I’ve started writing my first story, but I’ve got problem. I wanted to spot direct my character, but when I put her in the back I can’t make her smaller. In one guide I saw that you can do that with the App, when you use Direct Helper, Spot Helper and then Change Hight. But, when I click on Spot Helper I gert not other buttons besides one, which makes me change my character but nothing else. I really don’t know what to do and I hoped maybe you could help me.

Hey Linda it’s me here
So you can’t direct a web story in mobile it will not work you have to work on that on web episode interactive as the small size when we preview the story on web there will be some options like these all you have to do is to click on directing helper than there will be a lot options click on spot helper than there you will find move, scale and change options scale are for placing them on place
Move is for changing there size and change is for character change that which character you want scale or move in last there will be a small box which will show you that @character spot 344 34 34 like this there will be a copy button click it and than press it on your script remember this is for web for more help dm me on Instagram Secretauthor.episde

And yeah if its doesn’t helping go on YouTube type Joseph evans he can help you by his tutorials

Ahhhh, I got it, thank you so much!:slight_smile:
But now I’ve got another problem… .-. (Sorry for that)
I wanted to have three people in the back and my main character in the front.
So I wrote it like this:

@cut to zone 2
@LEE spot 0.462 182 584 AND LEE is react_sit_checkphone_bored
@ROSE spot 0.786 287 216 AND ROSE is admire_happy
@LILY spot 0.588 88 414 AND LILY is idle_bounce_happy_loop AND LILY faces right

@YOU enters from left to screen center
@YOU is wave_extreme

BUT, now the characters are appearing one after another not all together. And I don’t know I make them appeaar there all at the same time.
Would be great if you could help me again.
Linda :heart:

Its simple just there are 2 mistakes here first make all the spot and others together like this
@LEE spot … And LEE is … And ROSE spot… And ROSE is … And LILY spot… And LILY is… And LILY faces…
Just combine them like this without using @ and using AND command
2 mistake is that if you use a lot of characters in your scenes already standing there on there position and when you start scene they should be there for that after combining them
Than use
@Cut to zone 2 or @pan to zone 2
I hope it is helping
If you need further help please contact me on Instagram because I’m not that much on here
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Thank you so much!

If you need any help kindly dm me on insta

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