Helping small author one read at a time!

Hello there!!

Some of my friends and I are helping small authors get more recognition.

Here’s how:
1. Small authors will fill out a form with story info. & their goal on amount of reads they’d like to reach.
2. Instagram: @ epi.frost will read & narrow down to the story she believes deserves more reads. Then we’ll announce the featured story.
3. After you read 3 episodes for that story & leave that author some fanmail, you’ll then comment a heart on the post.
4. After that author reaches that goal (the amount of reads wanting to reach) we’ll close the comments, then add everyone who commented to a wheel. Whoever is chosen gets a shout-out on this account Instagram: @ writtenby.dee and an edit by Instagram: @ bella3pisode

We’ve opened the form for submissions & are only accepting the first 5. You must have less than 1k reads on the story you want to submit & less than 5k total reads. Your story can only get featured once. If you fill out the form and didn’t get feature, then you may fill out the form again once the form reopens. Our hashtag is #epionereadatatime

Click this link to get your story featured!!