Helping whoever need a book cover

Hey, there is no rush but I was wondering when you finish the cover? :blob_hearts:


Like I say last time I made a mistake and was fixing it also I did something different with the Jacket I should be able to send it to you in the morning also if you don’t like the way I did the jacket I try to do it just like in the picture

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Can I request a book cover too?


Hello everyone some of you ask for cover and art scene please contact me for your are some. Also some of the are does not have the name because i didn’t know how you wanted the name of your story .

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Do you have instagram? I can send you the details through there.

yes int: yamiii_episode_story

I messaged you!

I’ll chage it once i put my son back to sleep

sure or send it to my ig; yamiii_episode_story

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You can pm me or message it to me on Instagram: @chloe_epii :blob_hearts:

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You can pm me here :blob_hearts:

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