Helping You With Your Story!



I can help someone with writing their story, coming up with more ideas to add on to their story idea, or designing characters.

Reply down below or preferably…
DM me at: @nataliepisode

Thank you so much! :grin:


I can’t find your name :frowning:


Jk just found it.


I am new to episode and would like help creating a story


not sure if this is the right spot if it’s not point me I the right direction but my story’s name is called clashing with you but I’m not sure if I like it it fits what the story is about but I’m stil not sure if I like the name


Do you have any ideas for your story?


What is your story about?


my story is called clashing with you it’s about a girl named Aubrey and because of things that has happened recently she puts on a tough girl exterior and she meets a guy who is basically going through the same thing as she is at first they hate each other but over time they grow on each other I don’t want to give to much away