HELPL! I need help with a certain type of zoom

Hi. I’m writing a story and I’ve noticed that some authors are able to create zooms. That make the same effect as doing a timed (or slow) zoom reset. I’ve searched high and low to figure this out. I feel like everyone knows how but me! PLEASE HELP!

Zoom on the the same spot to 100%

So if you were zoomed in at: @zoom on 235 177 to 203% in 0

And you want to slowly zoom reset back, use the same coordinates and just zoom to 100%.

@zoom on 235 177 to 100% in 3

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Thanks so much! I’m gonna try this.

Hi, I think I phrased my question wrong. I wondering how to do those curved zooms. I really like the way they look. Am I just doing this wrong?

Then use @zoom on 0 0 to 100% in T

There isn’t really a specific code for curved zooms and it’s not something that’s done on purpose.

Thanks again for all your help!