Helpp a new creator

Hello I’m a really new creator, this is my first story. And as you can see I have created a game menu

But the problem is after I have finished all characters customization (7 characters) and clicked finished customization, it doesn’t go back to game menu, and I have tried various methods, but the only thing that comes is “Who do you want to customize?” Without the character names
I have even tried erasing the “label GAME_MENU” Followed by " INT. GAME MENU
I have also tried to erase “goto GAME MENU” but then the same warning comes, like the first picture

I found that kinda confusing so I wrote it again (idk the names of your tappables tho)

label game_menu

tappable “START” {
goto start
goto previously
goto customize
} “SKIP” {
goto end_episode

label customize

Here your characters cc

goto game_menu

label previously
Here what happened before

goto game_menu

label start

Here your episode starts

goto end_episode

label end_episode
The end of your episode

But now it says this

But really thanks you for helping me, that’s kind

delete line 35

Now it says the same as before when I click “finished customization”, it doesn’t go back to game menu, it just says “Who do you want to customize”

man sorry for taking your time

can you show me that part of the code?

So i deleted line 35 “goto GAME_MENU” (After NARR, “who do you want to customize”
And I tried to track the script, do I need to have a “label GAME_MENU” another place too?

put the label game_menu before the bg INT. GAME MENU

at the very start, like line 1?

put goto GAME_MENU before NARR


It didn’t work guys, but I appreciate the help, I think I will just customize in the story, but thanks for the help guys

Have you tried putting your labels in all lowercase letters? So game_menu instead of GAME_MENU?

Well I deleted it, but I will try it again when I get the change.

I think it would be better if you copy and paste your code onto here instead of a picture so that people and pin point exactly what needs fixing.

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I will do that next time then, thank you for the tip

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