Helpp with the overlay please!

Okay so i have 2 overlays here, its all good until the other overlay starts after the speech , it gives me a really fast black transition then the overlay starts ,even tho I didn’t put any transitions what did i do wrong??!

wow are you the author of miserable?!
also I can’t find any problem
@Jade.epi do you know what’s wrong?

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Lol, yeah !.

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I don’t know if this could help you but maybe you can try creating the overlay “FACE 2” before the overlay “FACE” disappear, but you put the opacity to 0 like this:

&overlay ZANDER FACE 2 create
&overlay ZANDER FACE 2 opacity 0
&overlay ZANDER FACE 2 shifts coordinates
&overlay ZANDER FACE 2 scales coordinates
&overlay ZANDER FACE clear
&zoom on coordinates
&overlay ZANDER FACE 2 opacity 1 in 0

hope this can help :blush:

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just a quick thought what if it’s one of those glitches in the protal and that’s the reason why it is like that to you :thinking: because I just rewrote the script that you had and it didn’t give me that problem…

You can add the overlays to the background and just set their opacity to 0 until you need them.

EXT. LOS ANGELES STREET - NIGHT with ZANDER.FACE to x y at layer # with ZANDER.FACE2 to x y at layer #
&overlay ZANDER.FACE opacity 0 in 0
&overlay ZANDER.FACE2 opacity 0 in 0

Just put opacity 1 in 0 / opacity 0 in 0 when you want them to appear/disappear :slight_smile:

To be honest it been like this since yesterday, any overlay before it starts, it have a really fast transition, it happens in my phone and the laptop

Ill try this.

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Ill try this.!

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Oh. Yes. The little flash on the screen. It always happens. It’s fine when you publish though :slight_smile:

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Really!?, will it go soon?, cause I’m doing a trailer I don’t want it to show uh.

If it’s published it won’t show. But it will on either previews. If you make a pause a bit longer you can use the video editing app the cut out the flash

The problem is that the flash starts while the zoom and overlay starts., and I’m still doing 3 more overlays.

It’s probably just me cause my friend tried this too and it was fine

Have you tried putting the overlays on the background then just changing the opacity? It will flash at beginning of scene, it won’t if you’re just changing the opacity. And try changing opacity time to 0.2 or something so it has a slight fade :thinking:

It actually started to happen in the end of where i stopped writing, now the flash doesn’t show , but it showing in where i stopped, but thats okay.

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