Helppp far with this background


I want the mirror PNG… so i can use it as an overlay… who can do this for me? I WILL BE SO THANKFUL!


Here you are…


Thank you so muchhh!! I love this


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May I ask where you got this background?? It looks so cool


i just realize that this is someones background.




i cant remember, thats why i trying to find out.


ooohs okay


Yep, its @shellyg background.


I was searching through other threads that had her background reposted, and found it, so its @shellyg background.


Oh no! It’s not mine. Pretty sure this is @smilla.episode’s.


Oh!!! I thought it was lol!!! Thanks for the heads up. :wink:


No problem!!


Oh i know this is someone’s background!, im not going to use it , i was trying if a big overlay like this would work , and it didn’t:/.


Where can I access her backgrounds ;-;


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