HELPPP! I need help like urgently

How do i make a character appear in a new background without them having to walk in? :sob:

you can spot them there
@CHARACTER spot % x y in zone #

(i think thats what ur asking)

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I always write


&CHARACTER stands back far left in zone 1

And then i just spot direct after previewing.

Using the & sign, your character will already be in the background.

Should i put the & sign on the same line as the background or on another line?

The & sign goes in front of your characters name, without space

Thank you for the help :two_hearts:

No problem. Happy to help :blush:

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it’s saying ERROR tho :weary:

Message me. It’ll be easier :wink:

What’s your instagram? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You can just message me here, but if you prefer instagram, it’s @chan_episodes

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