Helppp in need of cover

Not sure how to go about artwork and such, I know for a fact I’d like some custom pieces and I need a cover to help establish the story. Can anyone help me?

I can make one if you send me a picture of the characters. in the pose and clothes you want, and some details about the story

a few examples of my work


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I could make it too if every one is ok with it?
Here is my thread and my parnters thread.:kissing_heart:

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Im not sure how I want it yet, could you suprise me? Ill send you the character and she’s already in her main clothes Im just stuck on everything else.

okay but i need to know something about the story to make a cover

I could make you one PM me for details If you choose me to do it.

From @xApplex outline contest ( I’m pretty sure she made this but correct me if she didn’t )

Uploading: 13916CDE-7E35-4CF5-B425-6627959EAE48.png…

For and outline contest #mystery2k on IG

Thanks to @SuperKitten for making this and @Rainbows for allowing me to use this


This is MC Jacalyn, she is a troubled teen having to grow up way too fast. She has 2 little brothers and a horrible mother. But I want her to be seen as a strong independent young women.

Let me know if you need more info

i kinda meant sending a picture like this. if you dont know how you go in to make a character. there you pick a pose and save the picture

like this?