HELPPPP:: Is this possible...?


I was wondering if it’s possible for a character to be entering a scene and as she’s entering she walks into a different zone.
So lets say we have a certain background and its in zone 3 and we want our character to be entering zone 3 and exiting (no animation in between) Is that possible? I hope this makes sense. lol


I think if you do:
@CHARACTER enters from right to screen center THEN CHARACTER exits left
It should go as one continuous walk in zone 3, seeing as you’re already in zone 3


okay ill try that rn


@CHARACTER stands offscreen left AND CHARACTER faces right/left THEN CHARACTER walks to offscreen right



I had no idea about this command :flushed: thank you for sharing :heart:


YAY, IM SO HAPPY, lol! Thank you for being an amazing author! :heart_eyes:


Did this solve your problem @brvnda? :slight_smile:


Thank you! :heart:
And if you have any more tips, please share :smiley:


yes @Ryan it did, thanks everyone for your response!


Glad this was resolved! Closing thread :v:t2: