Helpppppp how to get a character back in a choice outfit?!


Nadine changes into her sleepwear before bed and its a choice for the audience however, I’m making her have a dream scene where she’s dreaming of being married in a wedding dress. I want her to go back to the choice YOU picked for her sleepwear as the audience when she wakes up… how do I do that?


Is this new?

Thank you for the help by the way! :smiley:

No, this is not a new command.

When you write (just an example by the way):

@JEM previews outfit wedding_girl

The character JEM will change into that outfit (a wedding dress, let’s say). Then when you write:

@JEM unpreviews outfit wedding_girl

She will not wear the wedding dress anymore, she will be wearing whatever outfit she had on before she put the wedding dress on.

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Another thing!

In regards to the preview feature, when I tested it, I found:

Of course, you can always create a duplicate character with the same display name and make the duplicate wear the wedding dress while the original has on sleepwear.

can you do three unpreviews?

in her dream there’s three different outfits she changes into.


#changes into wedding outfit 1:

@JEM previews outfit wedding_girl

#changes back to sleepwear:

@JEM unpreviews outfit wedding_girl

#changes into wedding outfit 2:

@JEM previews outfit wedding_girl2

#changes back to sleepwear:

@JEM unpreviews outfit wedding_girl2

#changes into wedding outfit 3:

@JEM previews outfit wedding_girl3

#changes back to sleepwear:

@JEM unpreviews outfit wedding_girl3

Wow you are amazing :heart: I didn’t have a single clue about the existence of this code


me either lmao

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