Here all my backgrounds

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Sharing your backgrounds is amazing!
However, I think access is denied when you try pressing on it.

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Oh my bad

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Does anybody want some backgrounds I could try on :slight_smile::blush:


Does anybody have any background request PM me if you do, if you don’t know how to PM me, just do it normally.

I want but in a mobile app

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Give me an example

A babies room
A babies room

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For the phone or a background?

Both,am using a phone to create but itsi am using a phone to create but have limited backgrounds

Okay , so is the background boy or girl


coolio on it.

I don’t understand how?

How what

Hhow do I cocoil it I nwef more background aminlation

Sorry, I can’t read what you spelled

I said how to I cocoiyl it,remember am using a mobile creating not laptop

Download the app

What app