Here are some tips to help you plan a new story!

I don’t know about you but when I started writing my first story I was like where do I even start?
So here are some tips :
-Plan the key events: Ending, Start, Plot.

  • Plan the ending:
    Question you should ask yourself when planning the ending:
    What kind of ending will my story have? (Sad, Happy, Twisted)
    Is this ending a cliché or original?
    If it’s cliché that’s not very good maybe try to add something very special to make it more original.
    Will there be a sequel?
    If yes try to end the story with a scene showing a little bit of the next season.
    You show the pregnant wife giving birth to a baby girl. And then they say her name.
    And the narrator says did you really think the story ends here?
    You could even show the villain of the next season. (Not the full face just like a small part of his face or like make the villain turn his back so you can only see his back and let him say like I will get revenge!)
  • Now that you planned the ending and you probably now have a brief idea of your plot. You need to plan the structure of your story here are some questions you should ask yourself to plan a structure:
    1- How many episodes do you plan on writing?
    2- Will there be a sequel? (You already asked yourself for that for the ending but this question is also important for the Structure of the story)
    3- What is the climax of each episode?
    4- What Ideas should you develop and what should you save for a future season or story?
  • Plan cliffhanger:
    (Never I mean never underestimate cliffhangers)
    Then add all of this info into one board.

Here you go I hope this post helped you understand how to plan if you have any question ask me in the comments!


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