Here is my face ๐Ÿ˜‚


Did you Like my fsce? :smirk:
I was cute right?!


That was very random :woman_shrugging:


Lol yes




Yeah lol,

can I steal you?


Iโ€™m taken, by an owner! :scream:


I wished I looked like that :rofl:


By me you mean


Iโ€™m cute righttty?
Bro wanna see my friends?




Nah Iโ€™m taken someone actually :sweat_smile:


Food ?


Misael! My friend

Patrick my other friend!

Arenโ€™t we cute! :scream:




Ofc :blush:


I think I have more friends. :sweat_smile:


I love dogs anyways theyโ€™re so cute


After all this drama with a certain topic, would anybody like to see a real face reveal of my own?
If you were to do a reverse photo search, youโ€™d probably find a few photos of my own on my Reddit- aesthetic-pathetic- but other than that, itโ€™s a real image of my own!
Anybody up for it?


sure why not. Iโ€™m not talking to a celebrity am I


Haha no lol, Iโ€™ll upload one in a few seconds.

my crusty self just feels really cute and wants to show people and i cant show my gf bc i literally just left her house lol