Here is my story! (self-promotion lol)

Hey people!
I don’t want to do read for read (because it’s not true readers) but I want to share with you my newly published story for you to read if you like the sound of it.
Genre: Romance
Title: Forbidden Fairytale
Description: Erin’s already complicated life takes a turn when Austin appears in her life. Will he be an escape from the chaos, or will he just add to the problem?
Chapters: 3 at the moment (its newly published) new chapters will be out every week!

Thats it everyone, so if you fancy checking it out, please go on my profile, and click the link. It is the one labelled Forbidden Fairytale. You could also find it in the link in my insta bio (katie.epy_)

Thank you for your kindness and support

Please comment down below if you have read it thank you so much (like seriously you have no idea)


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