Here is my story! You can promote yours too!

Hello everyone!
I wanted to share with you guys my story Dear Angel that is out since May 1.
There are 5 episodes out now and I am working on episode 6 :smiley:
I don’t mind doing shoutouts for shoutouts. :slight_smile:
I can do reads for reads but I am really busy and I barely have time to read on the app. So it can take some times for me to read your story :sweat_smile:

Here are more details!

Angel always lived in the light, but after her sister’s death, she started to drown in the dark side. What will happen when Noah Henderson will teach her how to swim?

The story is in limelight and you can customize the two mains characters and their families.
Here is the link:

Please, not that this is my first episode story, I started learning to code in January so if you have any coding tips or writing advice to tell me feel free to do so in my dms on my Instagram (@episode_aimee). Constructive comments are always more than welcome! :smiley:

Thank you!


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