Here To Help With Story Ideas!

Hello everyone! I decided that I will help everyone in need of a story! I can help with how the story starts out and how it can finish. If you don’t want to use my suggestion then that’s fine as well. If I’m not available on this topic at the time then you can pm me.

I’m glad if I was to help any of you!:revolving_hearts::grin:

Hi Jeney, I need major help! I have three ideas:

A girl who was born in the US but her parents are undocumented immigrants and she is essentially torn between two worlds.

A girl who was born in the United States but her parents are from Nigeria and she doesn’t really know who she should be/her identity.

A girl who ends up homeless after running away from her abusive mother again but is too old to enter foster care (not that she wants to go back there anyway)

I HAVE NO PLOT OR CHARACTERS OR ANYTHING! Essentially I just have the summary of the stories.

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Hey, I definitely can use some help :persevere:

I decided to participate in a short story with some members of the forums but I can’t really think of anything. The genre I was assigned to was Action and if you could add a tiny bit of Romance in there too that would be great! (I like happy couple endings lol). One more thing, I only have 1 episode to write this story. It’s in INK if that also helps. How would it start and end? What would it be about?

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Well, I see that it really depends on what you would like to do. Whatever you feel comfortable with. Pick whichever story you’d like to work then I’ll be able to help you with it​:blush: (My personal choice would be the second story idea as the best but its really your decision :slight_smile:)

Hmmm, well, is there a specific thing you’d like to focus about in the story?

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Not really. As long as the two characters meet in some way and it has some action in it, I don’t mind lol. I don’t want anything too complicated like superheroes, stranded on an island, etc. Honestly, any ideas you have will help :blush:

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Okay :slight_smile: What do you mean you have 1 episode though? Like a whole story in one episode?

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Yeah, basically lol. One episode is romance, the other is fantasy and it keeps going lol. So, you really only have that 1 episode to tell your story.

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Okay, well since you’re focusing on action. I think that we can do some sort of mission episode.

Hey! Are you still available?

Yes, I’m available! Sorry for the really late response!

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Have you got Instagram? So we can talk there?

Oh, I’m sorry but I don’t have Instagram, my parents don’t allow me to have it. I have tik tok though.