Here to helpppppp ~~



Hi guys I’m Scarlet V
I often watch Joseph Evans’s tutorial video and I see bunch of comments about dircting help (I usually answer them)
So I’m here to help with you guys with BASIC/ INTERMEDIATE THINGS
drop questions below, I will try to answer all <3

p/s: I’m not acting famous I just want to help :slight_smile:


Hi, Scarlet! It’s my first time writing story. I want my character to smoke. But I can’t find this action in library of behavior. How to make the character smoke?


Hey Victoria i am here to help but, are you using limelight or ink


Hi Victoria! I dunno what style you are using BUT the Ink styles has that animation :wink:


Hello Scarlet, I’m not sure if this classifies as intermediate… but if I make choices in one episode will I be able to recall those choices in future episodes? I use the gains system if that helps. Thanks~


You mean remembering choices in different episodes? I’m currently trying to know how to do that. Elif in one episode, just use gain and if system =))


Thanks for the help~!


gains system works for multiple episodes too i think, just make sure you use them correctly.


yeah, and Im trying to know how to use it through episodes

Check this out~




Hey! Does someone knows what is the “SIGH” command ?


I’m using limelight. It doesn’t have smoking action, does it?


Hey ScarletV,
I’m a first time writer and almost done my first episode! @CHRISTOCLEAS is talk_yay! I was just wondering how do I allow my readers to change the character’s skin, hair, eye colour etc.?

I’ve been searching the tutorials/directions and can’t seem to find what I’m looking for. I can change outfits… but for some reason asking an avatar to change their eye colour is not a valid directing command @CHRISTOCLEAS is talk_sigh_sarcastic. How would you direct me? (I’m using ink)


Yeah I think so since I don’t work with limelight for a long time


You can go to spot template, choose female avatar, choose the character that readers are allowed to customize, and then you have a full customize. For the vaild directing commands, sometimes I get them too so I understand that they’re really annoying, Just try to reload the page, if it doesn’t work then delete that line,

P/s: I love how you use the animation to show your emotion :wink:


Ummm I think it’s deepbreaths for Ink and for limelight I don’t really remember, but it DO has that animation~


Thanks for the reply! I found a template to use that works great… I’m so relieved. First episode done!


Im glad to here it !! Finishing one episode is the BEST FEELING EVER!


Hi again) I’m a bit confused… One of my character (Emma) doesn’t appear. And another character (Den) doesn’t do animation after “standup_neutral”.

@EMMA enters from right to screen left AND EMMA is run_athletic_neutral_loop AND EMMA is idle_cup_neutral_loop AND DEN enters from left to screen left
@pause for a beat
@DEN is faint AND EMMA is faint
@pause for a beat
@DEN is standup_neutral
@pause for a beat
@DEN starts react_startled_surprised_pose
@pause for a beat
@DEN starts scream_angry
music scream_male
@pause for a beat
music off
@pause for a beat