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Try this (make sure Emma and Den are in the same and right zone)
@EMMA enters from right to screen left AND EMMA is run_athletic_neutral_loop AND EMMA is idle_cup_neutral_loop THEN DEN enters from left to screen left
@pause for a beat
@DEN is faint AND EMMA is faint
@pause for 2
@DEN is standup_neutral
@pause for a beat
@DEN is react_startled_surprised_pose
@pause for a beat
@DEN starts scream_angry
music scream_male
@pause for a beat
music off
@pause for a beat
Make sure (again) you use the right animations for each person


Hey, can you tell me how I put characters in front of and behind an overlay please? Thank you ^^



Hi @Haelene
Well it’s pretty easy, we have layers like those
-4 -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4
So if you want a character front an overlay, set hers/his layer bigger (2) and the overlay can be (0,1 or lower)
The same with character behind the overlay
Sr I don’t really remmeber the command
@CHAR changes layer to 2 (maybe lol?) or
@CHAR spots x y at layer 2
Hope this help


hi I’m a bit stuck on how to zoom in to a character and scan them up and down


Can you please tell me more clearly?


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