Here we go again

I need help. Does anyone know how to get characters stay in sitting position while talking and doing commands like the rubchin, laughing, rubneck, etc etc. I cant figure it out… or that really isnt possible.

Cause everytime my characters would say their scripts, they would stand up and do the commands and speak and sit down and again and stand up again etc etc…

Help? :smiley:

You need to use animations with “sit” in their name. But you can also use this “trick” to zoom on your characters so you can’t see their legs and then use the animations you want, even the ones where they are standing up :+1:


But like there’s no sit and rubneck at the same time… hahaha. i’ll try zooming into the characters :slight_smile: Thank you. :blob_hearts:

No problem :blush:

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