Here you shall get Limelight Covers & Splashes (Edits)!



Are they free


There is a free trial for Sai, but I paid for it. And BeFunky if free, but you can update it to pro. Hope I helped :slight_smile:


Thank you


And can I get a art scene


Sure, you can PM me the details.


Title: The School for Ghosts

Character: 56%20AMScreenshot%202018-04-30%20at%20340%20AM


Font: Something sort of old-timey and magical

Character position: Just idle_sad

Author name: Annaliese Clairemont

Small and Large cover

Thank you!


Hi Annaliese,

I’ll PM you the details later today.








Omg these are so good!

If you would like me to do a splash:
-The message you want: Can it say “Follow me @Katiee.Eps on IG!
This story will be continued!

(can that be at the bottom and the other one in the middle)

-The style of background you want/link of the background (pic) you would like me to use - Can you just have a plain background that is a really pale pink like so pale it’s almost white x

-What style of font you’d like - Whichever one you think works will do. Can the different sentences be different colours though x

-If you want a character: a pic of the character you want me to do with the creation info & the position you’d like your character(s) to be in (I can create some of you tell me how you want it like hand positions, etc.)


And can she be wearing this:


For the pose can she just be laughing and if possible could she be holding this:


For the positioning could you put her in the top left corner kind of like how you did in your other splash for the instagram bit.

-the size you want it to be (One-Four Zone(s)): 1 zone



Hi Katiee_S,

It will be my pleasure to do this splash for you! I will PM you with more details :slight_smile:


What kind of Graphics tablet do you use? I’m going into Graphic design 3D modeling and animation for video games. I’m trying to find a good tablet for beginners.


I use a Wacom intuos tablet, but I’d wouldn’t say it’s the best one for beginners. Of course, Wacom tablets are usually good quality, but pretty expensive. I’d consider myself a beginner, and I don’t know much about brands for graphic tablets, but maybe make some research in internet and I’m pretty sure you’ll find something for a good price. Hope I’m helpful :slight_smile:


Thank you, I have been looking at that tablet but I also have been looking at the Lenovo Yoga book. It’s has a drawing pad with a keyboard and writing section for notes. I did some research on Huion as well They are all good tablet brands. Do you have the medium size one?


Hey, I love your stuff! If you’re still open, I would love a piece of art! Its not a cover or a splash, just hoping for a drawn piece of one of my characters that i would use in the story ! Let me know if you can!


Well, I will take your request and get back to you when I start it.


sure thing!


Hi is this still open for requests? Need some stuff doing if you could. Would be much appreciated


@cece_hunter Are you able to make my cover? I just don’t want to get into the way of anything! :blush: By the way your art is beautiful! I completely fell in love! :heart_eyes: