Here's a single pringle (Dare)


Hey :slight_smile: I’m still single on the forum, if you’re interested, please tell me something about yourself. Or if you know anyone who might be interested, please tag them. If you know someone who does matchmaking, please let me now.

This is a dare by one of my good friends and I just feel really embarrassed right now because I’m not the type of person to write something like this. I’ll be watching some romcoms now to I stop feeling weird.


@BadassSaasha @sofia2 :wink:


Heheheheeheeheheheh… Yeahhhh thanks GURLLL lmao…
@RainbowCat maybe try going to the matchmaking thread and see if you have any luck there… @BadassSaasha and me are matchmakers lmao…


Can check out this thread: The matchmaking thread ❤

Your Special Day

Also happy birthday! :revolving_hearts::sparkling_heart::orange_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::birthday::cake::chocolate_bar::candy::lollipop::icecream:


umm hello ?


You already tried once to match me with someone :sweat_smile:


Thanks :blush:


…really? who? btw HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I’ll be the good ShiSTar and I’ll make you the cake cough cough we stole (Aya and me) :grin::cake::birthday:


damn sure aya would eat it whole first


A boy who ghosted on me two days later, but I’ll fill out your form now and try again :sweat_smile:

Oh that’s nice, thank you! :blush:


…you right…HIDE



You’ve been looking for another spouse, correct?


Nah I’m engaged but I may leave the forums so idk


Leave… forums…what?


livvy613.exe has stopped working


Hey! We have a matchmaking thread where you can request for a match. You can find it in my profile


Thanks for recommending us hun! @JemU776