Here's a tip for consistent episodes on your story

Soooo, I thought about a way to have consistent episodes, so you keep your readers attention. Just follow these steps:

  1. Create a new story, this is the story you will publish
  2. Do what you normally would have done (create characters, outfits etc., but stop at scripting)
  3. Create a new story and create the characters and outfits there, don’t bother editing neither the characters or the outfits, just make sure they have the same scipt name.
  4. Script the whole story
  5. When done, copy and paste the first 3 chapters in the story you will publish and do the same when you’re gonna post.

Hope some of you will find this useful, I know it’s a little boring and can potentially take a long time depending on how many characters you have
Konny :heart::joy::+1:

Edit: If you have a tip, please share it, it might help some others too :+1:


Can I add some more tips

Wait you are saying first create one story then another story write in it and then copy and paste… it…

Of course :blush:

you should also do a contest

you should sneek peaks

Yup, I know it can be boring, but if it helps someone then I thought I thought why not post it :sweat_smile:

It might be helpful to someone…

But for me it won’t because I’m hella hell lazy to create characters so create the same with two stories definitely not my piece of work…

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I get ya :joy:

Everyone who writes can relate…:joy::joy:

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