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Note: The classes that people are talking about below were removed for practical reasons. :wink:

This fantasy RP is set it the same world as my other RP “The Young Sorcerers of Terathia”.
The human realm has not known magic in centuries. But, little by little, inexplicable events are happening all over the globe. Monsters are starting to attack humans in the middle of the night. People are turning up dead or missing due to illogical circumstances.
But you know what the nature of these events is. They bear traces of magic. As part of an alliance of young warriors charged with keeping the balance between the human realm and the sorcerers’ realm, you need to figure out what is going on and put a stop to the killings.

Your characters

The Almians are a secretive race of beings who are humans born with sorcerer blood. They’re half-breeds. They have fought monsters for well over a thousand years, creating their own culture and civilization (the Almian culture) within human society. Their mandate is to keep the peace in the sorcerer’s realm, also known as Terathia, and keep it hidden from the human world while protecting the inhabitants of both worlds.
Though objectively weak in terms of magic, they are the fiercest fighters the world has known in centuries. As one of them, you will travel across the human realm and stop a certain entity that threatens to drive both realms into chaos.
Your first strong link is the following:
Years ago, a weapon of mass destruction known as the Pandora Force was scattered into three and fell into the hands of three human children. These three children would now be young adults. And the events happening lately hold magic that can be traced back to the Pandora Force. But why would they want the destruction of the realms? You’ll need to find out exactly what is going on.

The life of an Almian

Despite having a degree of independence, the Almians’ allegiance is to Terathia. They are the legends of tomorrow.

Weapons: Your character would know how to handle typical weapons (knives, swords, guns etc.), but they can also wield traditional or unique ones. For inspiration: https://shadowhunters.fandom.com/wiki/Weapons

Talents: Your character should be particularly skilled at something, whether it’s raiding, finding information through research, ambush opponents…

Killing monsters: Monsters are generally deformed creatures that appear quite diverse. However, they all carry poison in their neck (where the human cataract would be). A way to make them less harmful would be to pierce that area so that the poison would pour out of it, for example. However, the skin around this area is very hard and hard to cut. Their characteristics vary: some can globally have extremely hard skin (hard to slay), some can be very quick etc.

Aside from this, the Almians have also placed the responsibility of upholding the peace and secrecy of Terathia, as well as the protection of the humans and the world in general from the supernatural, upon themselves.

The realms and the world of Terathia:

I will redirect you to the Institute of Terathia thread, where details on the realms are given: The Young Sorcerers of Terathia // RP // Signups and General Chat [STILL OPEN]

The Pandora Force

Not much is known about the Pandora Force yet. The manuals describe it as one of the oldest cosmic entities. The extent of its destructive capacities are, so far, unknown. Exactly eight years ago, it was scattered into three, though it is unknown how, and is now in the possession of three young adults.

Updates will be posted as characters discover more information on it and on the wielders.

Sign up form: https://forms.gle/zqk7qbMHxLNWKZnb8

Faceclaims: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/17zpUEho_IOlTaxKT5YBak7GfptYx7OT1I-v9EHKJr2U/edit?usp=sharing

Thank you for your time, and DM me if you have any questions ! :relaxed:



Inspired by The Mortal Instruments / Infernal Devices / Dark Artifices saga.


May I reserve a female assasin?

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Absolutely !

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May I reserve for a healer?

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Sure !

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May I reserve for 1 female thieve

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Yes :slight_smile:

Reserve for female healer and male assasin.

Reserve for a male assasin? :smile:

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Reserve for female thief please ?

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Reserve, one female assassin

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@AlyssaThePretzel The healer is already taken, sorry ! Same for @Cheshire.Cat with the assassins ! You can pick another class for now, and maybe change later, if the numbers increase :wink:


@Xoxo_dimples @EmmaZaoli @AlyssaThePretzel (for the male assassin) Sure ! <3


Can i reserve for a female ** Tactician?

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Yes !

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Can I also reserve for a male one too?

Question since their half breeds what can they do with their magic

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There’s only one tactician, actually ! He/she works closely with the Lord ! :relaxed:

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Okay then :))

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You’re free to decide ! They can’t do necromancy (like sorcerers in Terathia) and, basically, their powers need to be here to support their fighting skills. For example, you couldn’t have a character that has full-range telekinesis (it’s too powerful for a half-breed). Do you see what I mean ?