Heroes & Villains: The First Creator's Contest of 2018!

If it’s passed the deadline then yes, you can publish the remainder of the episodes :grin:

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What’s the new contest? I can’t seem to find it lol

thank you!

No problem! Good luck in case you enter :hugs:

I Just uploaded episode 5 of H & V: In too deep <3


Contest is finished everyone! Congratz to winners!

Me rn: :poop::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop:


Dear @Liz,

I have a suggestion/petition that I am sure many other authors would support.

I suggest each contest is held in at least two categories: upper league for already popular authors (say, over 1K reads per entry/or over 1K followers) and lower league for aspiring authors (under 1K reads per entry/or under 1K followers). Otherwise, emerging authors with a low amount of reads even if their retention rate is high don’t really stand a chance against those who have already hundreds or even thousands of followers. Also, the higher amount of reads the popular authors get the less they are affected by anyone who drops out, while with small authors every abandoned read really damages the engagement rate.

If, say, there are 9 winners, why not reserve 5 places for popular authors and 4 for aspiring authors? Otherwise, people just starting out and struggling to find their audience for their amazing stories will find it extremely difficult to succeed.

While popular authors do write amazing stories and absolutely deserve to be featured, I believe that new gems should also be given a chance, especially because there are lots of great stories that are unfairly underrated.

Thank you very much for your attention.



I loved your story btw, I hope you still continue it :heart_eyes:

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Thank you very much! :blue_heart: I am currently writing a story for the Fantastical contest as I still want to believe that aspiring authors need a chance to be heard. So I will keep banging on the Episode door until it opens. :wink:


For everyone who agrees, please, sign my petition here: FEATURE: supporting small authors discussion


YAY! I was thinking about joining that contest, but an idea I already had doesn’t seem to hit me in the feels (I want it to have emotion). So, I’m gonna stick to “IMAGINE”, I have a lot of plans for that story. What you say is also right, many authors already have a lot of reads, AND good reader retention because they are more experienced. You should make a thread, I would definitely support :blush:


Oh, wait, nvm, you already made one :blush: Gonna go on there now :grin:

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I have just completed two episodes of my story and I can’t wait to publish and get feedback’s. This is my first story and first contest as well. Wish me luck guys. All the best for other participants. :heart:

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@shuba22 This contest is over. The winners have been announced.

~ Winter :snowflake:


Sorry to say this hun, but like @WinterMoon05 said the contest is long done. But if you wanna participate in a contest then check out the Fantastical contest which is still occurring here:

Oh my god, I actually posted this on wrong thread. I have been writing for Fantastical. Out of excitement I typed this in wrong thread. LOL. Thanks anyways. @EpisodeAfra and @WinterMoon05


Lol, no problem. :joy:


Lol. It’s 2021. I just had to come and check the previous contests topics :joy:


Same! I can see that “3 YEARS LATER” label glaring at me though-