Heroes & Villains: The First Creator's Contest of 2018!


So excited for this! Currently working really hard on my story :smile:


I think I read somewhere that reads count only after the deadline, but now I’m confused.


I am almost finished with Episode 3 and so excited!!!

  1. You can publish whenever you want to, as long as it’s BEFORE the deadline. Don’t post a new chapter after the deadline, or you will be disqualified (you can continue the story after the contest results have been announced).

  2. Reader retention (percentage of people who start AND finish your story ) before the contest deadline has passed is not counted. The stories (supposedly) aren’t judged on how many overall reads you have


Thank you :heart:


Hey guys. I made a topic for a place to share stories that were written for the contest. Here’s the link if you are interested!


Can I use Ink and Classic, Well I’m using Ink,
What should I tell u??

  1. Story name???
  2. Story description
  3. Character name


Story name:- NEW LOVE And NEW KISS
Story description:- Its a story, about love… Your love is going to be a dangerous playboy! What happen when u know the secret??



If only I was earlier, this would definitely be my first contest! Sadly, I came late and I don’t think I’m gonna make my idea possible. :frowning:

Also I hope that I’m gonna be early for the next possible contest. :joy:


Well, You can create a story and submit it. Don’t you worry, Just write three episode and if you want to write more than u can.


How many days are left? (Or seconds and weeks?)


About 3 weeks, give or take a few hours. The deadline is March 26th at 11:59pm, PST.


How can I join this contest???


You need to write a story on Episode and then fill in the form from the first post.


Gosh! Thank you!

Although I don’t think I can publish my story in time because of school. :sob:


I promised I would publish my story tomorrow, but I am so afraid hahaha (this would be like my 9th story at this point) but still have that ‘first’ episode fear x-x


I’m excited about this, maybe I’ll join!


and oh my God, if I join this contest, it will be my first published story! :fearful::grimacing:


I know exactly how you feel! This contest entry will be my first published story as well!


Hi there! I can’t wait to read all the amazing entries! I was just wondering if my entry has to be about superheroes or just heroes in general. Idk if that makes sense haha. Any answer to this would be super helpful!