Hey am new in writing! I need help ! some body plzz tell me how i can make Charlie puth in ink style..Am gonna write a fanfiction.And if anybody who is expert wanna co-write to make this.Please help!

Hi. I believe it is against Episode guidelines to write about real life. Especially celebrities because of copyright and stuff like that.

but it’s a fanfiction like dolan twins!

i think i can write a fanfiction .right?

But they made deals with Episode.

I don’t think so.

but there’s falling for dolan twins and demi lovato.right?

Yes, but they’re Episode featured stories, where they make deals with the stars.

oh!hmm…i really want to write it!!!

do u wanna help me? i mean …let’s try!

I can’t sorry, it’s against the guidelines.

Am I correct it’s against the Episode guidelines to do this? @Jeremy, @Sydney_H?

ok then…am literally confused now!

Hello @WinterMoon05 and @Aawishkrita_Bhakat! :smiley:

Thanks for asking! The official stories, such as Mean Girls, Falling For The Dolan Twins, Demi Lovato, and Pretty Little Liars, are written and published in agreement with the copyright holders of these stories. We have worked closely with the companies and persons who own the rights to these stories to bring you these titles. As we have the consent of the copyright holders, these are official stories and are not fan-fiction.

Fan-fiction stories do not have permission by the copyright holders to use their intellectual property. This is why user stories are not allowed to use copyrighted material to write fan-fiction if they do not have a contractual agreement with the copyright holder to do so.

You can read more about copyrights and fan-fiction here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legal_issues_with_fan_fiction

Check out our Content Guidelines for more information about the stuff we allow and don’t allow in Episode stories. :wink:

Thanks for asking, and both of you have a wonderful day :sunglasses:

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so can i change the name and then I make it?

Just make a character that looks like him…

i tried but its ok ok.not like him!