Hey anyone able to make intro backgrounds for me?


Hey is anyone willing to make me an intro for my upcoming story? I will give credit in my story and on my Instagram page. I need one that says “contains mature content” and “contains sound, turn up volume”. Something along those lines. For the contains mature content one I’d have the character doing the “shush” animation. For the “turn up volume one” the character Doing the “nod_loop” animation but with headphones on. Both of them will use the same character. I’d a prefer ominous, mysterious, and dark theme. Also the character would wear diamond heart necklace, black short pencil skirt, black ridged Moro jacket, black with gold zipper zipped crop top, and tattooed rocker boots. Below are the character details.

Brows-Defined Natural
Hair-Beach Waves (Black)
Eyes-Upturned Bold (Taupe)
Face-Soft Heart
Nose-Soft Natural
Lips-Classic (Terra-cotta)


I would love to help you if you stil need it


Raven Hood can.


Lol sorry Iet you do it


Yeah I still need it. That would be great!


You could do one I could do one!!! :thinking:


Since she needs 2


Aww thx.


Yeah I would be fine with that! It would be great!


I’ll do sound you do mature Themes??


K I have @AlyssaTyler do the sound one lol I had one already This are made by @AlyssaTyler



Oh sorry, nvm I didnt see that you had art!


Those are awesome… lol she wants the character on hers though…


I ask her to make a new one


I can make the character and send her to ya in the pose if ya want


Your welcome… idk if I got the lip color right… lol on my phone it doesn’t show the color names…

@Liag is this the right look for the character??? I stil have to do the outfit real quick


That works!


If I could see the name of the coots I could get it right… lol going to the outfit an poses now


The Coots?


Colors… lol it only shows squares on my phone…