Hey, anyone doing story reviews?

Hey! I would like a story review! If your interested all you have to do is message me saying so, I will send you the story like then you can send me feedback! If you’re willing to help me out and give me tips (it’s a short ass chapter since I just started) on how to improve the story and ideas would be great! Thank you! - Mwa

sure i would love too

Great I’ll message you the story link

okay cool

If you’re looking for someone to beta-read your story before publishing, I could do it :slight_smile:

Hi i also dont mind doing a review for you :slight_smile:

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That’s great, here’s the link:

Hey looks great and alright so far!! It feels so natural and I love the comedy you’ve added in. Makes me want to read more. Carry on the with your story. It looks really promising!

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