Hey, Anyone Good At Covers?

Hey Guy’s
So, look I Am In Need Of A Good Cover For My New Story SCARLET
If I Really Like Yours I Will Of Course Shout You Out In My Story.
This Is A Limelight Style

BODY: Neutral 04
BROW: Round Thick / Black Dark
HAIR: Straight Medium / Black Dark
EYE: Female Generic / Brown Dark
FACE: Round Soft
NOSE: Round Button
LIPS: Full Round Pouty


Author: ChicaLondres
IG: thatgirllondon
Genre: Mystery/horror/romance
Episodes: 4
Status: More coming
Description: |CC| Your name is Scarlet and you are a Junior in high school. What happens when you find out that you are a demon hunter? Will YOU make it out alive?
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5734577707483136

Looking For SMALL And LARGE Covers Too

Thank You So Much If You Can Help Me.

i can edit one for you. but i need to know some details .like how do you want them to stand. in which pose. and something about the story, ts doesnt go if you are writhing a romantic and a make a cover in horror style


It’s more horror/mystery
You can honestly pose her how you want
I just really need a good cover

I’m more of “art scene” covers XD

That’s fine