Hey! Background needed! :D

Hello, Hope your all having a good xmas. I need some backgrounds. One that says ‘This story uses sound’ ‘Turn up your volume’ with a black background and silhouette of a white gun (faded with shadows) as well as the same photo with the caption ‘This story has mature themes and language’ ‘Viewer discretion is advised’. Please, thank u :slight_smile:

Something like this?

Don't mind everything else

Yes that looks perfect! :smiley:

I’ll crop it down at change the text for you :smile:

For the other one

Your a legend thank you!

Would you like credit?

If you wish I’m happy to any extra effects you may want

Yes please! My ig is @epy._.kitkat or you can use my forum name!

yeah we’ll definitely be shouting you out! Could we PM so if we ever need to talk again then we can, and we can post the background on there? :slight_smile: