Hey can any one make me a cover?

Basically I want the Blondie AKA Bella in the pose “idle_armscrossed_angry_loop” facing the CHARACTER who has black hair AKA You in the pose “idle_armscrossed_angry_loop” and the boy who has mint hair AKA Joshua should be in the middle of both of them in the pose “idle_awkward_scratch_loop” and he can face anyone, Also you can choose any background. The story’s name is “A Fight For Love”
Let me tell the details

Body- Neutral 03
Eyebrows- Male Generic-Black
Hair- Slicked Back Solid-Green Mint
Eyes- Male Generic-Blue Aqua
Face- Male Generic
Nose- Male Generic
Lips- Medium Straight Natural-Brown Gold

Body- Copper 00
Eyebrows- Arched Thin-Black Jet
Hair- Sleek Ponytail-Platinum White
Eyes- Female Generic-Brown Dark
Face- Diamond Defined Contour
Nose- Defined Natural
Lips- Full Round Pouty-Pink Deep Gloss

Body- Copper 00
Eyebrows- Arched Natural-Black Dark
Hair- Over Shoulder Braid-Black Dark
Eyes- Female Generic- Blue Aqua
Face- Diamond
Nose- Defined Natural
Lips- Small Heart- Red Deep Gloss

I want the same pic for the small cover and big cover please! Thx! <3

I can make u a cover just tell me the details what u want.

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They’re in the post

Thx BTW :smiley:

Oh ok do u want it drawn or edit but I rather draw it

You can draw it if you want, Whatever suits you :slight_smile:

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Oh ok

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And what outfit do u want them to wear btw

One Min… Lemme write it

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Wait do you want a pic or for me to write it?

Pic that’s ok

Bella can wear this

YOU can wear this

And Joshua can wear this

BTW Sorry about the lighting…

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Oh ok that’s ok

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Thx, once again!

Ur welcome

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Here u go I hope u like it.

Sorry but someone else has made it for me, Thanks for the offer though!

OMG! Thank you so much! It’s beautiful!!! :blush: How do I credit you in my Episode story?

episode_mine u can use that to credit me. Do u have instagram btw.

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Yeah, but I don’t like announcing the username…