Hey! Can anyone be my writing patner? (Sill available)

Can anyone be my writing partner?

I will wite a story and my writing partner will :
*Edit the story
*Build up the plot

  • And help me on parts that I am stuck on and do the things below…
    They will have these things:
    *Are good at dericting
    *Are good at making overlays and backrounds and covers (Is not have)
    *Can use decriptive words
    *Has exprince writing a story

Keep this in mind I do not have any social media!

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I will be your writing partner if you can text message and we can do private messaging so I can send you my number so you can send me your story or if you want write the script save then copy it and send it to me through here and I will review it and send you back the edited version, okay message me when you decide.

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Hi, I would LOVE to help, @MeganB20! You can send me private message and I will tell you my Gmail so we can text over there!:kissing_heart: (I don’t have social media too :joy: )

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