Hey can someone help

Hey I am confused it’s not working she before the hug she faces the other way for a second and it’s driving me crazy what did I do wrong

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Try changing =

PARIS faces right to PARIS faces left

(Idk if this will actually work or not)

Also, you may want to check your spelling.


I’ve highlighted the spelling & capital mistakes in yellow for you above.

Also try to re-word your sentences since the first one doesn’t make sense and the second doesn’t sound grammatically correct (:


When you have a character walking while doing an animation, you need to use “does it while” and not “is”. The “is” casues the slight pause. Also, you should use the “then” command so that she hugs immediately after walking

@PARIS walks to spot 0.821 116 145 in zone 2 and PARIS does it while walk_neutral_rear and PARIS faces right then PARIS is hug_neutral_rear


Haha lol I have a proof reader so she will sort it lol :joy: I am horrible with that I will try that in a bit thx

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thank you lifesaver again lol


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