Hey can you veiw my first story https://www.episodeinteractive.com/s/5859504789782528

I just finished my first story take a look please and I’m glad to accept any contrusctive criticism.

Will love to view now! Ill reply later on what I think! :kissing_smiling_eyes:

I just got done reading all three and honestly I’m nerve fond to stories that are more like fantasy type BUTTTTT yours had me hooked I loved it and want more only thing I will add in is like a backstory about both alphas for example why are they at war ,what the alphas are, who they are little specks just to make the readers understand both of their backgrounds. I seen minimal spelling errors which is always good.Other than that I love the story the whole feeling of becoming Loveta and the changes AND you’re very descriptive which I love.

OMG thanks so much. I can’t wait to get started on the.next episodes. And yeah I get what you are saying my plan was to get people hooked then dive deep in the background before I continue. Thanks again and I love the feed back.

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Plus it’s really helpful to know what the readers want from a story.

Genre: Gay/Romance
Style: INK
Summary: Justin is secretly gay but when the hot new guy from Cali comes along can he keep his secret and hide his feelings for the new guy who’s straight maybe.

Alright I’ll read it. But can you tell me how you get your character to keep the same outfit on that they chose in the previous episode.

Well I’ll answer it for example you do
@CHARACTER changes into outfit

@VANESSA changes into vanessapjs

Basically have to keep doing that in beginning of the episode so it won’t be the same outfit from the previous episode

Not my scene but the directing is good!

No o want her to be in the same outfit as she was in the previous but the thing is that it’s a choice so I don’t know how to get them the same outfit