Hey chat were we can talk

To get off topic as I always do, would u read a horror story, but each episode would be a new horror story? Or is that just a no?

So every chapter is different

yeah, is that okay?

Yea it’s okay, how long is every chapter going to be.

uuhhmm I was thinking 10-15 min?

yeah. I would like to read it, are you almost done with it?

lol no I am making a cover rn I didn’t start bc I didn’t know if ppl would read it

Big Cover:
Small Cover:
(In Progress)

You can be my friend. I need some too.

oh dang thats really good

Ayy yeah :grin:

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Hello! You are friendless and I am brainless, senseless, speechless and shameless. :joy:

Would you like to be friends?

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I can be ur friend too… IG: kalinda.episode

whatcha smoking, I’ll take some.

these comments are hilarious


Wag wan :crayon::snail:

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